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What are the benefits of Reading comprehension exercises 📖 ?

Here are some benefits of reading to improve Spanish

Improve your foreign language skills

The more you do something, the better you become. Therefore, the more you read in any language, the better your comprehension will be.

Because of repetition, you will be able to develop your skills, so the more you read, the more you will notice that certain phrases and grammatical structures tend to appear frequently. Reading helps increase that familiarity and gets the words ingrained in your mind.

Reading teaches you about the culture and history of another country.

Through different authors and their works, you can learn about the country’s history and society.

It forces you to use your initiative

Although using the dictionary is an option when you read it is much better to try to figure out the meaning from the context.

If you examine other more recognizable words in the same sentence you will probably be able to figure out the meaning.

Also, this is a very useful technique when you are in a conversation with a native speaker and you really have to think.

Helps improve your native language

You may think this is strange, but the truth is that to read in a foreign language, you have to have a language of your own to draw on to make sense of things.

You may come across words whose definitions are in your native language you didn’t even know. Put another way, the greater your vocabulary in one language, the greater the potential for growth in the other.

You have a great time

When you are able to understand something you couldn’t before you feel an incredible sense of pride.

Reading in a foreign language enriches your imagination.

Learning a language helps you see life with a more open mind and better understand people and places in other countries.